Elon Broke Twitter

It is undeniable to anyone who uses twitter that Elon has destroyed the platform. I am not being hyperbolic. I woke up to a feed that just consisted of people complaining that they couldn’t use twitter because they exceeded their “rate limit”. After scrolling through these tweets, I eventually got rate limited myself. As of now, Twitter is basically unusable because of this. This follows the previous day where He forced any interaction to twitter to be signed in. So now, not only do you need to be signed into twitter to see tweets, but usually that doesn’t even work.

I believe that Elon will fix this but because Elon has broken nitter, I see little value in staying if I cannot follow people using rss. It appears that I am not the only person who has thought this though. graf posted this

I am considering creating a “free speech” account because my main fediverse account is on a chill no politics instance. I will inform this blog if anything like that happens. I will probably have my main be my chill account and then my alt be my crazy account. check in here later to see what happens.