New Notes

- Gunslinger Zach

I have decided to start doing “notes”. This is inspired by Richard Stallman’s political notes. You can see them on his website. The idea is essentually the same as all microblogging social media’s except there is no clear line between a full on essay and a note. This means that if I have an idea and I want to publish it and its too long for a microblog social media but too short to be a proper essay then it can just be a note. Notes can also just be short posts also. I am not going to try and segment the notes from the rest of my posts. That takes too much work for seemingly no reason as I don’t even post enough to justify that. If you only want to see my essays then I will have a link that only shows posts tagged as essay. Similarly, if you only want to see posts then you can just click on the link for the tag of “notes”. I have no idea if I will crosspost this to social media or not but we will see.

(post publish edit on the same day) I have retroactivly added some of my posts I deem as “notes” to the notes tag. That is why this isn’t the first note even though it is the first note

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