The Totalising Nature of Leftist Politics

published on january 24 2023. tag(s) politics

I had the (mis?)fourtine of seeing this following story play out live on twitter. (1)

To any sane person, this art is just an example of a “cutepost”, that is something cute to be looked at and then you do something else with your time. To the politically obsesed leftist however, this MUST be political.

This whole “all (fill in the blank with whatever you want) is political” is a testimate to how the leftist sees things. To the adverage person, there is inherently political things, however, there is very clearly non-political things. If you ask someone what the meaning is of this image, then most people would tell you their religious opinion on it. They would never bring up the goverment simply because there is no referance to the goverment here.

The leftist has usually removed religion from their lives. So rather than simply living godless, they subconsiously adopt their own religion with their own gods. Max Stirner pointed out that the so called “secular humanists” of his time were “pious atheists” who simply replaced the god of the isrealites with this abstract idea of humanity. They still live in service of a god and follow the morality, believes and customs of their religion. But their religion is a totalizing worldveiw wheras christianity isn’t. You can paint christian themes into all of life, but there is no requrement to do so. You can simply figure out the best way of doing something and then just say that you are glorifying god while you are doing it. The most that a christian would say in responce to a cutepost is “isn’t god’s creation cute? glory be to god!” There is no reason to make something god’s when it is already his.

Just from this basis alone, would you rather that politics be an aspect of your life but only part and not all of it, or do you want an political ideology that is all-enompusing in ones life?

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