Why Covid Related Talk?

I have started to see some covid related talk on social media. I assumed it was just the crazy cultists until I stumbled upon this article by CNN titled It may be time to break out the masks against Covid, some experts say

One possible explanation is from Alex Jones who claims that he has obtained whistleblower statements alleging that Biden is planning a full lockdown Mid-September

I am a sceptic when it comes to this. That being said, I think there may be truth to this. Fall marks the start of the flu season so we should start to see more sickness leading to more reporting and higher covid cases. We already know how the establishment does things so I don’t think I have to elaborate on this.

What needs to be asked is why? I was under the assumption that after the supreame court ruled that vaccine mandates were unconstitutional, that the ruling elites just quietly dropped covid for other stuff.

The first responce from the adverage MAGA person would be that they are trying to rig the election again. That is entirely possible. According to MAGA, The democrats were able to steal the election by manipulating mail-in ballots to spoof legitimate votes for Biden.

That is entirely possible. Another possible explanation would be that they are doing the bidding of the World Economic Fourm. The WEF is a rabbit hole too deep to cover here, So instead I will offer a summary. The WEF advocates what is called “stakeholder capitalism” and they plan to achieve it through a “great reset” of the economy. They sound like socialists but are reformers of capitalism. The idea of a “stakeholder” is someone who is involved with a company. Hence the idea of “stakeholder capitalism” is that corporations need to not only fufill their duty to their shareholders, but also to their stakeholders. Thus they have to enact policies that achieve certain enviromental, social, and governance goals, or ESG for short. A stakeholder capitalist economy would be one where big buisness works with the big goverments of the world to persue “righous” causes. Basically just capitalism without the free markets.

This is what the World economic fourm has here

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world” - Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum.

The great reset has no specific goals, rather it describes a general idea of transitioning the economy from one system to another. This other system is the previously defined “stakeholder capitalism”. We have seen this play out with the income tax, for instance, which came out of a “temporary” war measure.

This is all good, but I have to ask, why covid? I was under the expectation that the crisis that would radically change the world, would come from the climate crisis. In fact it seemed like that was the plan. We have been hearing more and more climate alarmism recently. Very recently, hawaii suffered a massive chain of coincidences. It seemed obious to me that regardless of whether this really was planned out or if this was mearly a coincidence (I have no idea at this point), that the ruling elite would use this to push for the great reset.

Do the elite have no plan? I cannot imagine that a lockdown 2.0 would be supported by the masses. There are those who like the lifestyle, but surely the elites know the consenquences of shutting down the economy. They had just witnessed the inflation caused by the last lockdown and its not like inflation has returned to its pre-lockdown levels either.

Perhaphs they want to push CBDC’s onto people by forcing them to do transactions through the internet. That seems like a reason, though a really retarded reason at that. “ecommerce” has exploded even before the pandemic. Just make a deal with amazon or something to try out the CBDC. Plus there is too much to loose should something go wrong in the systems. If the systems go down, if someone is able to exploit a weakness to do something malicious, if double spending is possible, etc. It does not seem like CBDC’s are ready.

To be honest I don’t want this to be a case where the retarded rulers scare the populus (again) so they can fake democracy. That’s borring. I want a story of true evil that I can hate and rebel against. I don’t just want all this drama just for something that I really don’t care about. Perhaphs this is nothing more than a bug in the cathedral that will be swepped up under the rug in a couple of months. Or perhaphs this is just so that Biden can claim that the economy was doing great after he was elected until covid came back.

Now that I am a catecumen of the orthodox church, I will have to see what my parish will do about this. Texas is a state that has considered covid over, long before it was normal. Because of this, I doubt that any policies will be done on the “state level”. At every divine liturgy, we say intercessory prayers for the country, the president, all civil authorites and armed forces. I ask that you pray something similar.