I am leaving vultr

Louis Rossman notified me that vultr has engaged in rapey buisness practices in his new video. Since VPS’ are easily replacable, I then immediatly closed my vultr account and signed up with linode. Turns out that linode offers a better price than vultr does. So congradulations vultr, you have lost me and many other customers. Was it worth it? ...Read more

I Am Going to Nuke the Microblog

So the plan of having the microblog section didn’t work out as I didn’t actually use it. So instead I am going to just use social media instead.The idea will be to have my posts on the fediverse and then put them on my website somehow. I will think of how I am going to do this and then update my website once I got a system. ...Read more

Why Covid Related Talk?

I have started to see some covid related talk on social media. I assumed it was just the crazy cultists until I stumbled upon this article by CNN titled It may be time to break out the masks against Covid, some experts say One possible explanation is from Alex Jones who claims that he has obtained whistleblower statements alleging that Biden is planning a full lockdown Mid-September I am a sceptic when it comes to this. ...Read more

Elon Broke Twitter

It is undeniable to anyone who uses twitter that Elon has destroyed the platform. I am not being hyperbolic. I woke up to a feed that just consisted of people complaining that they couldn’t use twitter because they exceeded their “rate limit”. After scrolling through these tweets, I eventually got rate limited myself. As of now, Twitter is basically unusable because of this. This follows the previous day where He forced any interaction to twitter to be signed in. ...Read more

I Dreamed About a Hedonist Dystopia

I had two dreams last night conserning a hedonistic future that we are headed. The first one was more generically cyberpunk wpoliticshere technology is everywhere and in everything, where only very small places are car free (hence safe to walk around in) and everyone lived hedonistically. If anyone reading this is unaware of what hedonism is, essentually it is the philosophy that we as individuals should maximize pleasure and minimize pain. ...Read more

The Totalising Nature of Leftist Politics

published on january 24 2023. tag(s) politics I had the (mis?)fourtine of seeing this following story play out live on twitter. (1) To any sane person, this art is just an example of a “cutepost”, that is something cute to be looked at and then you do something else with your time. To the politically obsesed leftist however, this MUST be political. This whole “all (fill in the blank with whatever you want) is political” is a testimate to how the leftist sees things. ...Read more

My Facedox Video

I posted a video where I showed of my face so that it is on record and not a suprise if I ever do incorporate my face in one of my videos. I also did it so that I can shill my website again. ...Read more